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This is nuelectrosoulhop music

Fringe Character is nuelectrosoulhop music, let good things influence you.

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Fringe Character offers up Mint

Fresh and alive, Mint features a collection of texturally diverse soundscapes as colorful as they are human. Emcees Dudu Stinks, Daewong, and Pop Cult reveal new dimensions of masterful delivery among the blazing horn lines, sticky drums, retro guitars, and electronic lo-fi textures. Painting their own vivid pictures and saturating tonal vistas, new Fringe Character collaborators GregB, Red Leonard, and Meghan Rose complete the emcees’ lyrical offerings which color Mint’s mood. Like a yacht setting sail, Brazilian drum ensemble, Metabaque, remind us not to be dismayed by goodbyes as a farewell is needed in order to meet again. 

Fringe Character is: nuelectrosoulhop music; an expanding nebula of like-minded creators; all original music that combines the moving parts of soul, hip hop, dub, jazz, and electronica. 

Let good things influence you.







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